Failure…. and me.


Life was hard, she accepted,

But more fulfilling than she ever expected.

She was moving fine, in the right direction,

Until Failure interjected.


Failure stepped in her path,

And made her feel all of Failure’s wrath.


Failure then told her:


“Clearly, you are not of the right stuff.

Quite frankly, you are not good enough.

You better quit while you are ahead,

Clearly you have been misled.”


After Failure had its say,

All she could do was look away.

She was shaken to the core,

And did not know who she was any more.

She turned to her Mirror with tears in her eyes,

“I have failed, dear Mirror, even though I did try.

Failure has told me the truth,

I am not good enough, there is no dispute.”


The Mirror then replied, “The truth, you say?

Exactly in what way?”

“Failure can be harsh, and Failure can hurt,

But Failure does not define your worth.”

“In fact, Failure should be a presence in your life,

It means you are living your life right.”

“The presence of Failure means you have taken a chance,

Failure means you have taken a stance.”

“Without Failure, there can be nothing good or new,

For the World, for me, or for you.”

“You will make something of tomorrow,

Because these Failures have helped you grow.”

“You are now more

Than you were before.”

“Use your heartache and tears,

To put away those fears.”

“You are great, you are strong,

Failure does not mean your hopes and dreams are wrong.”

The Mirror then ended, “That is enough of sorrow.

Now, what are you going to do with tomorrow?”


The girl looked at the Mirror, a new light in her eyes,

“I will go back to the World, and I will rise.”

“It is not an if, but a when

I know I will meet yet Failure again.”

“But next time I will let Failure push me forward,

My dreams it will move me towards.”

“With Failure alongside me,

I will become the best I can be.”

“No matter what happens, I can see,

I am enough, I am me.”

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